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When the home of someone suffers a devastating fire, it is unheard of, to expect that they would open their home to the public that others might benefit from their unfortunate experience.

But that is exactly what David and Debby Adams did.

David is no stranger to the reconstruction process, as New England's premiere authority on Historic Preservation and Reconstruction, he has been doing Historic Renovations for almost 40 years.

His own home has been a work in progress for nearly 30 years and now he has to start over. It is an honor and a privilege to bear witness to the restoration of his restoration.

We hope you find our efforts worthwhile, this production would not be possible without your generous contributions and the support of our sponsors.

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Help us get on public television! Please join us in telling this story about an old house, the traditional craftsmen who came together to restore it, and the preservation of history.

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The Craftsmen’s Journal has been working with Dave Adams and the guys for over a year now recording his Re-restoration. This venture started as a three minute clip we put together for the web, but now we are trying to take it to the next level. We would like to put together a 30-minute premiere episode to be aired on Portsmouth's cable channel PPMTV.

We've started a KickStarter campaign to help fund this first episode and are now reaching out to ask you to become a part of this project. If you are as passionate about the preservation and restoration of historic buildings as we are, we're sure you will appreciate what we are trying to do. All we ask is for you to share this link with your Facebook friends and, if you can, a small donation would mean so much.

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